For the Kiddy’s there is a baby pool, 3 ft in ht.. It has a small n cute water slide and a water Kiddy’s house having water pouring in from all corners. An umbrella that will soak u thru. Water world provides with a facility of 300 locker rooms. A separate men’s and ladies, change and shower room. All the water in Water

Adult Rides

Disco Coster
Giant Wheel
Dragon Train
Trooper Ride
Dashing Car
Fun Columbes
Brake Dance
Hang Glider
Revolving Tower
Frees Bee Ride
Swing Chair
Crazy Bus
Tele Combet
Cyclone Coaster
Flying Carpet

Children Rides

Baby Train
Mini Merry go round
Mini TeleCombet
Dolphin Motor byke
Mini Revolving Tower
Mini Salambom
Mini Tora Tora
Sun moon

Family Rides

Titanin Ride